Courage over Comfort

Friday, October 5, 2018

Integrity is choosing courage over comfort; choosing what is right over what is fun, fast or easy; and choosing to practice our values rather than simply professing them.

—Brene Brown


It began with a simple idea for a t-shirt for fundraising.

It began with being so thankful that fear has not set in about moving to Indonesia even after all the devastation with the recent earthquakes and tsunami.  Being willing to let our comfort be turned upside down.

Then I began to think about the resounding message in our hearts to let people know they are making a huge difference right where they are, no matter where they are.   Now my mind is flooding with thoughts upon thoughts of all the people I know who have chosen courage.


Courage to let a toxic friendship go even though it hurts.

Courage to adopt babies even when their biological children are almost grown.

Courage to step out of ministry when their family really needed them.

Courage to sit by your fragile child’s hospital bed when you’re exhausted.

Courage to go to rehab even though you leave all you know behind.

Courage to love your child even when others would say to walk away.

Courage to forgive in marriage even when the world tells you to give up.

Courage to walk into IEP meetings and fight for what your child needs.

Courage to walk away from abuse even though you have no place to go.

Courage to speak up and tell the truth even when you know there will be hurt.

Courage to go back to college even though you failed the first time.

Courage to change careers mid-life even though people are judging you.

Courage to take your medication even when you are so sick of the hassle of it.


I see your courage, friend.  Even if no one else has told you, listen to me when I say that I’m proud of you and I support you.

Do you know someone who needs to hear this today?  Would you please do me a favor and share this with them?  I just know there’s someone who needs a little extra courage today.