A Valentine Lesson

Thursday, February 14, 2019

My Valentines

Jack and I have never celebrate Valentines day.  Seems like a forced holiday and everything is extra expensive.  No thanks.

Several years ago (maybe like 10…) we started a tradition of using Valentines day to take the kids out and teach them about dating.  Jack takes the girls and I take the boys.  We teach them about how they should be treated on a date and it’s a time set aside to discuss what qualities they might look for in a husband or wife some day.

All of the kids look forward to this every year and start talking months in advance about where we should go on our dates.  I’m so thankful for these ideas that we came up with when they were little and the special memories and learning we create through them :)

Never fear though!  Jack and I did go on a date to the police station together today for our police clearance letters for our visa application.  A couple who goes to the police together, stays together.