News is out!

Monday, November 28, 2011

We have made it through the Thanksgiving weekend and are ready to go public in a few days with the our news of our adoption.  We wanted to make sure we got a chance to tell our extended families ourselves or have one of our parents tell those who we won’t see for a while.  Reactions have been mixed but mostly shocked and then excited.

I’m beginning to see the hole in our family pictures where Judah should be standing and realizing that maybe personalized gifts aren’t such a good idea for a crazy family like ours.  I was getting out Christmas decorations while preparing for a family party this weekend and realized our welcome mat doesn’t include Laila.  Then I found some really fun ornaments that now won’t include Judah.  It’s fine and we will always see them and remember how God built our family in a different and unexpected way than some others and be thankful for this journey.  As our parents have all said, you just never know what’s going to come next from us!  We are so very thankful for the privilege God has give us in raising all of our children and look forward to the years to come.

As my friend Chanda reminded me tonight, we’re coming up on having some “lasts” which is very exciting.  Hopefully this was our last Thanksgiving without Judah and hopefully this will be our last Christmas without him too.  Please pray with me that our precious boy would begin to feel the love that we already have for him and pray that things will line up that we will be able to send him a package for Christmas.