Why Adopting Judah?

Learn about our name.

The name Adopting Judah originated during an adoption we were in process of in Ethiopia and we were going to name that son Judah.  When that adoption fell through just months before bringing him home we felt completely lost.  Then the Lord led us to adopt from India and we brought home our son Ranjit and gave him the middle name Judah to remind us of the journey God had brought us through.

Since then, the name Adopting Judah has taken on a whole new meaning to us.  King David came from the tribe of Judah and in so many ways we are inspired by his Psalms of heart cry and honesty to the Father in times of need.  This tribe ultimately led to the the messiah, Jesus.  We feel as though our Judah journey has also led us closer and closer to Jesus and we are so grateful for these opportunities.  While hard, we wouldn’t have it any other way.