fingerprints, background checks, dossier paperwork, OH MY

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Today has been quite the day!  What an exciting time it was to see all of the love people have had for us on facebook today!  This has gone much better that seeing people’s first reaction in person ;)  I think it just takes a minute to set in and people go “oh yeah, they’re crazy but we love them.”  Having that little bit taken out of the mix by telling people electronically actually worked out for me this time.  Usually I’m not big on electronic communication for big news but RIGHT ON today!!

So today was not only our big “reveal” day but we also got a lot of puzzle pieces done or delivered to us today.  I met Jack over his lunch hour today and we went and got our fingerprints and local background checks done.  Then when I got back home we had received our dossier packet via email from our Ethiopia coordinator with lots more forms and also our guidebook that tells us what happens when and culture stuff and so on.  I’m currently trying to read one of the ten books they recommended, this ginormous guidebook, online blogs from real people’s stories and of course my new Karen Kingsbury that came in the mail a few days ago that normally would’ve been done and read by now but I’m just using it as a breather from the adoption reading for a few minutes here and there.

I just want to say again how thankful I am for all the kind words and the generosity that was poured out on us today.  I’m also so excited to be surprised by those that want to help that I didn’t even know would step out to care for us this way.  We’re currently working on a few new fundraisers that people have graciously offered us today so stay tuned….. :)  And don’t forget to buy your t-shirts!

Love you all!