Blessings Blessings!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I am so very touched by the outpouring of love and prayers for our little Judah.  We have another fundraiser that has been offered and while we know we’re putting a lot out there, we figure it gives a lot of opportunities for people to find a way to give.  We obviously have our shirts and general donations* but we have also been blessed with the shopping opportunities I have listed here below.  These ladies run independent businesses to be able to have time to stay home with their children while they’re small.  They have graciously offered to donate their earnings from these sales to our adoption fund.  Please take the time to check them out and maybe do a little Christmas shopping :)  Thank you Tara and Julie for the love you are showing to our son before you have even met him!

31 Catalog Party

Mary Kay Fundraiser

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, our other friends have ordered and paid for awareness bracelets for us to sell also.  I can’t wait to get to wear one!!  They won’t let us pay them back for them so they will be 100% profit to the adoption fund!

Thank you so much to everyone for showing love to our family in this way.  We are getting so excited about the New Year and knowing that will be the year that we grow to a family of 6!!  WOW!  I can’t wait to share this website and blog with Judah one day and show him how much he was loved before he was even here.

Update on the process:  We are just continuing to dossier and home study paperwork.  We have our final home study appointment next Monday and then it will just need to be written and approved.  She emailed me over the weekend and said she had already begun to write it so that is really exciting.  We may just meet that Dec 31 Show Hope deadline yet!

Just in case anyone in interested what goes into a dossier.  Here’s our current list we’re working on


N=must be notarized   C=must be state certified

Dossier Family Profile Summary form �
A short type-written statement from parents addressed to the Ministry of Women, Children, and Youth Affairs stating why you are interested in adopting from Ethiopia; please date and have each adoptive parent sign (N)
2 passport size photos of each parent
Home Study Report (with Home Study Update, if applicable) (N,C)
Agency licenses (one from Home Study agency, Holt will add its own) (N)
Power of Attorney – 1 original for adoptive parents (N, C)
Certified Birth Certificate of each parent. Issued as a “certified copy” with raised seal, no notarization needed.
If you are a Naturalized US Citizen, Certified Copy of Certificate of Naturalization, and notarized, color copy of US Passport
Color copies of each parent’s US Passport (N)
Certified Marriage Certificate and Divorce Decrees (if applicable) Issued as a “certified copy” with raised seal, no notarization needed.
2 Letters of Recommendation (New and separate from what you’ve previously submitted for home study; must be typed, dated, addressed: To Whom It May Concern, and signed (N)
Police clearance for each parent from local law enforcement agency. Must be on agency letterhead. (N)
Medical certificates from Physician – one for each parent; use template provided. Copy on clinic’s letterhead first (N)
Employers’ Letter. Must be on company letterhead! (include list of benefits and Life Insurance coverage in letter) (N)
Most recent Income Tax 1040 (1st 2 pages) (N)
Attestation and Declaration of Personal Condition (sample provided) (N)
Bank Letter. Must be on the bank’s letterhead. (sample provided) (N)
Certificate from Parents re: Post Placement Agreement Reports (Form Included) (N)
Copy of your I-171H document from USCIS. (The approval of your I-600A Application)

* Please notice on the donations page that we have added an address where donations can be sent for those that don’t wish to donate via paypal :)