Friday, January 6, 2012

Thank you all for the prayers for our inquiry to the Special Needs Adoption fund through Holt.  They emailed yesterday and told us they were taking $2000 out of that fund and putting it towards our bill so we could deduct it when we send the check!  Yay!!!  This was the easiest one BY FAR!  We didn’t even have to fill out an application or anything which makes sense because the agency already has any info they could possibly need on us.  The thing I keep thinking is what if I hadn’t done the research.  If I would’ve never asked them about it they never would’ve awarded it to us.  What a blessing!

I did get to email with the Africa program director yesterday and she told me that the typical turn around for the 600A is 60-90 days :(  While I was hoping it would be done in two weeks or so it doesn’t look like it but that doesn’t mean that we can’t keep praying that it will be sooner!  I’m so thankful for this outlet to be able to share all the blessings and record for myself the way God’s hand has been with us through all of this.

Last night we made what we hope is our final trip to the notary.  Jack’s medical form needed to be done, waivers for me to be able to take the two older kids for their passports without Jack (because the times don’t line up for him to go and they require both of us) and the official legal document of our acceptance of Ashenafi Asrat (Judah).  We also got a nice big chunk of money off of our loan again to be able to pay the entire bill to the agency.  They don’t move forward at all until they have the agreement and are paid in full.  Makes sense.  Hopefully now they can at least contact their partners in Ethiopia and tell them Judah has an offical home (as long as the rest of the paperwork goes through).

Thanks for the continued prayers and I pray that you will praise God with us for His blessings and that you will give credit where it is due: to Him.