A little longer…..

Monday, January 16, 2012

Last Wednesday I talked with a girl from our agency.  I had a few details about some paperwork to talk with her about and while I had her on the phone I asked her about our time frame.  I have the dreaded guidebook that I have talked about which is huge and I get lost in there for hours at a time and I did finally just print the whole thing out and it took basically a whole ink cartridge and a whole ream of paper.  See I wasn’t kidding.  Anyway, the guidebook talks about time frames and some emails we have received talked about time frames and I even spoke directly t someone on the phone about time frames and from what everyone was saying it looked like Judah would be home this summer because we should travel for the first time no longer that four months after receiving our official referral of him.  While I wanted to believe that I just kept having this feeling they were wrong and in reading the guidebook it always talked about getting all your paperwork done and then waiting for a referral which is what usually happens but not when you go through the waiting child program like what we’re doing.  Normally this program take 2-3 years because your usually waiting 12-18 months for the referral of a child.  We did this differently in the fact that we found Judah and then started.  So I finally flat out asked and as I suspected, all of those time lines were in we had already submitted our dossier and were all set which is not the case.  As much as I had in my mind that I was pretty sure they were wrong and that I was trying to protect myself from the disappointment that I knew was coming, it was still a blow.  He probably will not be home until sometime in the fall.  It is what it is.

In my sorrow of that, Friday we got a card in the mail that we are now scheduled for our fingerprinting for the 600A which is one of the only things we are waiting on to be able to submit our dossier.  That was a good reminder that we are still in this and while it seems that there is a delay, we know God has perfect timing and that we will see that when He chooses to bring Judah home.  Now remind me of that when the next delay comes along……..