TE Day 3&4

Friday, May 11, 2018

We’re just an old married couple laying in bed reading tonight ;)

Not too much to report for the last two days. Jack finished his written tests for the maintenance program and is now on the hands on portion. I tried to get him to write a guest blog with all his fancy airplane words but it’s not his thing. For those of you who want to know… he says he did a 500 hour magneto inspection, reassembled the magneto, installed the mag and timed it on a test engine and then he had to start it and show them that he knew how to run the engine. See, I have no idea what any of those things mean but I baked cookies today so there’s that. Haha!

We did learn that they have Chapel every Wednesday morning as a company and then Thursday mornings the guys in the hangar all do a bible study together as they start the day. Next Wednesday they have their bi-annual half day of prayer. We will still be here for that so I’m looking forward to see how that is run. Very cool!

We have had a few dinners at some MAF staff homes this week. Everyone is so nice and it is so neat hearing all of their stories and getting to know people on a personal level.

I’m heading to sleep now because I have a 5:30am flight back to Chicago in the morning. Emma is going to prom tomorrow night and I can’t miss it! I will be flying back to Idaho Saturday evening. Whirlwind trip but so worth it for my girl (and God provided some travel vouchers for me).

Have a great night and thanks for praying for us!