This Matters

Friday, November 30, 2018

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

—James 1:27

I want you to look at those faces. Do you see them? Now I want you to see those genuine smiles. Have those smiles ever inspired your smile? Have either of these beautiful children ever made you laugh or brought you joy?

Can you imagine if God had not led us to them? Can you imagine if we hadn’t obeyed, even when it was terrifying?

This has been hard. Adoption is a very difficult thing from beginning to end. But friends, it is oh so beautiful.

I can’t imagine being the woman I was before the Lord got a hold of me through parenting these kiddos. All four of them. I was a selfish, praise seeking, serve-a-holic. God brought me to peace in my home and my calling as a mom through breaking me, and giving me the greatest challenge and blessing of my life.

I wouldn’t change a thing. I want to doubt myself even as I type that. I doubt what kind of a mother I’ve been and if I could’ve done it better. But I have to hold true to our family’s parenting philosophy: we’ll do everything we feel led to do with no regrets. Things have not always turned out how we would’ve liked but God was good and our children have been precious through it all.

Friends, this is the last day of National Adoption Awareness month. Remember these faces. Know that you are called to do something for the orphans of this world. It is a COMMAND in scripture.

I’ll be the first to tell you that not everyone is called to adopt. I’ve had many people over the years consult us on our thoughts about fostering and adopting. My first two questions are always “Are you both on the same page about it (if it’s a married couple)” and then “Is this something you definitely feel called to do?” It’s not the calling for everyone to take in hurt kiddos but it is the calling for you to do something. Can you give to a family’s adoption fund because it is stupid, ridiculously expensive? Can you offer a cup of coffee and a listening ear to a momma that just needs an adult conversation? Can you bring a dinner to someone, even if it’s ordering pizza delivery for them? Can you take in a precious child who has no other chance for a family?

The one thing I know every single one of you can do is pray. Pray for the Lord to bring families and strength and love and bonding. Pray for the Lord to show you how you can help.

ps – I have fought with the image in this post all day to make it upright and it just doesn’t want to cooperate. And maybe that’s a great example of how adoption is not perfect or easy… but it doesn’t take away from how gorgeous and loved they are :)