My Awesome Kids

Monday, August 5, 2019

I have been wanting to write a blog and I have so many things to write about and say that I just sit here trying to decide.  I want to write about our goodbye process, our new home, our amazing MAF team here in Salatiga…. all the things!

Today I want to get a few words in print about our amazing children.  It is the heaviest topic on my heart.

Our kids are amazing!

Bringing three teenagers on this journey was my biggest worry throughout this whole process.  They have proved time and again over this past two weeks that they are resilient and that our Lord answers prayer of comfort and perspective for them.

They have fought jet lag.  They have experienced culture shock.  They have been stared at.  They have had their picture taken.  They have met a million new people.

They have (for the most part) been a beautiful example of the Fruit of the Spirit.  They have made games out of the things that scare them.  They have met new friends.  They have put themselves out there already in sports and community activities.  They have seen the beauty in this town and it’s people.

I’m amazed and hanging on to the lessons I’m learning through them.  God continually reassures me that He knows them better than I do and that He has great plans for them when my fear creeps in time and again about this move.  He is so good and so faithful.

I know harder times will come, they always do because we live in a fallen world.  Our life is a constant roller coaster.  I intentionally build a foundation of faith every time I have these glimpses of clarity from God.  I solidify them in my mind and ask the Holy Spirit to intercede and remind me of them when I can’t see on my own.  And He does :)

Here are a few candid pictures of the kids in their new natural habitat.  I love that they are making this space their own and doing the things they love to help them feel at home.


Emma can usually be found in her room listening to music and looking at photos.
Jackson bought himself a Nintendo Switch when we got here and loves playing Mario Kart.
RJ has taken over this room for his Legos and has built two full sets since we got here.
Laila lives on in several places in our new home. The quilt of her clothes is the first thing you see when you walk in and her wind chimes bring beautiful music and memories.
We continue to have family breakfast together for bonding and discussion. It’s a sweet time for all of us.

Thank you for sharing this journey with us.  We pray that you are blessed, encouraged and challenged by the words we share.