Judah’s Song

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

If you know me at all you know I’m a music person.  God speaks to me so loudly through music that I wonder how different my life would be if there were no such thing as Christian radio.

As I look back I feel sorry for Emma because I don’t have a specific song that I associate with her joining our family.  Maybe it is because I was young and didn’t realize how much a child changes your life or maybe it was because there really wasn’t a lot of heart ache or trial that came along with her as there were with the other children but either way, poor Emma :(

Jackson’s song was “Blessed Be the Name” by Tree63.  There were a lot of “what ifs” with my pregnancy with Jackson and this was the song that I clung to and had to scream out loud sometimes to convince myself that I would let God “give or take away” Jackson and would CHOOSE to bless His name either way

Laila’s song was “New Day” by Robbie Seay.  This talks about how some people look at things in life by their own eyes and see something less than beautiful; a person, a situation…. a disability but then when they look at them through God’s eyes they see it as the most beautiful thing they have ever seen.

I have gone through different songs that have spoken to me for Judah but now I know what His song will be.  Drumroll please………..  “Every Falling Tear” by Matt Hammitt.  Every time I hear this song on the radio I cry.  It just fits my feelings for him so perfectly.  I love the line that says “I can’t give you half my heart and pray He makes you whole.”  This is so true with children.  We have to give them all of ourselves that God calls us to so that He can build them into His perfect plan.  Judah has experienced so much loss and heart ache and I want to be that mommy that helps him heal and helps him love every mommy God has put in his life and know it’s OK to grieve and heal.  I pray that for him.  Please take a listen and share in “Judah’s song.”