Thursday, August 20, 2020

A man’s heart plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.

—Proverbs 16:9

We are so grateful to be in Papua.  The transition couldn’t have been better and we are truly, truly grateful.  We love our home, our teammates, and being able to see this ministry firsthand.

Our new home 🥰

We have had amazing adventures already and seen beauty beyond comprehension.  The ends of the Earth are truly gorgeous!

Sunrise off the coast of Papua. We camped under mosquito nets on this remote beach.

But the ends of the Earth are also isolated and in great need.  We had the privilege of flying into one of our remote airstrips and seeing the people lining the runway in excitement.  I saw a mother exchange a giant leaf for an umbrella to shade her precious baby from the stifling sun.  I saw kids become jump up and down excited to see instant noodles as the items were unloaded from the plane.

Beautiful people in a beautiful place.

We are supposed to be here.  It just feels right.  God has cleared the way, you have given and prayed and supported us and it’s finally happening.

Please pray this gorgeous girl gets to stay in Indonesia.

Now for the urgent prayer request...

We go on Tuesday to renew our visas to stay in the country (normal process every year). We found out that they are only going to allow Emma to be a dependent under Jack’s visa until she turns 18. She will have to get her own visa by October 13 which requires her to leave the country. If the world wasn’t insane that would mean a quick trip across the border to PNG or a flight to Singapore for a few days to an American embassy to get a visa. But no other countries close to here have open borders right now and Indonesia is also not giving any new visas at this time. We need some mountains moved by God to allow Emma to remain here with us.  We have lots of anxiety and lots of questions right now.

Will you praise God for an amazing transition to Papua and would you join us in praying for God to move this mountain for Emma’s visa?

I can’t really answer any questions about it right now.  Please just pray.