June 2020 Update

Thursday, June 11, 2020

We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.

—Proverbs 16:9

When we thought we were done with language school…

Good morning from Indonesia :)

We usually give these updates in our prayer letters at maf.org/hamstra but so many things are changing so quickly right now I thought I’d write a quick blog update today.

The kids finished school on May 15th and we graduated from language school on May 19th.  Our original plans were to move to our new city of Sentani on the island of Papua on May 26th.  But, the island closed its borders due to the covid-19 situation until June 4th.

So we thought we were moving on June 4th… then that changed to June 10th… then that changed to June 19th… and now we really have no idea.  There are certain requirements and paperwork needed now for us to be able to enter the island and it’s paperwork we do not have.

We have already sent all of our belongings to Papua.  The only things we have here that are our own are our clothes.

We had already said goodbye to several friends and were ready to head out.

Would you pray with us for a miracle loophole to be able to get the paperwork we need to get to our new home?  We are tired and weary from this emotional roller coaster.  It seems like everyday dates and news change.

Also, please pray for our MAF leadership here in Indonesia.  They have been working on and waiting for our operating certificate to be renewed by the government.  We haven’t had planes flying since June 1st.  Every day we can’t fly, is another day a remote village doesn’t have access to the outside world.

This week Jack and I started a new class at language school to try to use our time wisely.  That was definitely hard after thinking we were finished.  I also took Indonesian cooking lessons last week, which was really fun!

We appreciate your prayers and support.

How Jack feels about going back to school instead of heading to the hangar…